How do you pronounce your last name?


Is the Lawless School a real place?

Yes. No. Maybe? There are rumors, whispers, things that go bump in the night. It’s better if you read the book and call it fiction.

How many covers are there for LAWLESS and JUSTICE?

Um. A lot. Here’s the easy path to how a cover is made, unmade, and remade:

LAWLESS (US Hardcover Edition)

Step 1. l4751_lawlesslawle_4cc_z   Step 2. photo-74

Step 1. was the first cover created for the US version of LAWLESS. It was scrapped after a movie with the same name came out and had a poster that looked similar. So it was on to Step 2. This is the final cover for the hardcover publishing by Scholastic Press.

LAWLESS (US Paperback Edition)

HC135 Lawless Repackage ART

Then, when it came time to release the paperback version of LAWLESS, the designers revisited the cover to create this little beauty.

LAWLESS (UK Edition)

Step 1. lawless-final-cover Step 2. 1368028895Lawless

Step 1. was the first version of the UK edition for LAWLESS published by Piccadilly Press. But it was updated for the final release to become Step 2.

JUSTICE (US Hardcover Edition)

Step 1. 412Ot2qbekL Step 2. HC135 Justice Repackage ART

When they were originally designing the new cover for JUSTICE, Step 1. was the first version. But when they redesigned the cover for the LAWLESS paperback, Step 2. became the final cover for JUSTICE.

JUSTICE (UK Edition)


And when it came time for the JUSTICE cover, Piccadilly Press went back to the original US artist and viola!

Mystery solved.