haunting of hounds hollowSometimes man’s best friend is loyal for life… and beyond!

Lucas Trainer has just moved to the middle of nowhere — a town called Hounds Hollow, where ghostly dogs prowl at night.

At first, he’s terrified by the nightly apparitions. But as he slowly uncovers the mystery behind the town, he learns that a ghost dog’s bark is worse than its bite… and in fact the dogs are protecting the town from an even more terrifying threat.

A horror novel with a sharp heart and sharper teeth.




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HC135 Lawless Repackage ARTBreak the rules. Save the world.

An action-packed, globe-spanning adventure begins here!

Welcome to Lawless, where the head of the class is a dangerous place to be.

M Freeman is the newest student at the prestigious (and mysterious) Lawless School. All she really wants is to fit in, but from the moment she arrives, her unusual skills have the whole academy buzzing. M excels at escape tactics. She’s a whiz at spotting a forgery. But can she tell right from wrong? She’ll have to figure it out fast, because some of her teachers are planning the crime of the century . . . and M and her classmates might be the only people who can stop them.



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HC135 Justice Repackage ARTNo more teachers. No more crooks!

M Freeman thought she had finally found a place where she belonged: the Lawless School, where the children of master criminals trained to become master criminals themselves. She took her studies seriously, never suspecting she was a pawn in a dangerous game.

Now she knows the truth: The forces of Lawless are after a weapon that threatens all life on earth. M and her crew are determined to stop them – but they can’t do it alone. And that means joining the Fulbright Academy.

In their ancient conflict with the Lawless School, the Fulbrights are supposed to be the good guys. But the academy’s winding hallways hide many secrets. And all the clues lead to one inescapable conclusion: It’s time for M to take the law into her own hands.


Buy JUSTICE – The fast-paced sequel to LAWLESS.

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l4755_mayhemlawles_4ccOut of the shadows. Into the Fight.

M Freeman has been a star pupil at the Lawless School for criminal masterminds. She’s been a top agent at the Fulbright Academy for extreme law enforcement. Now she finds herself in a situation she never, ever expected: a normal life!

If M thinks danger is a thing of the past, however, she couldn’t be more wrong. Because she knows a dangerous secret — one that’s made her a target. Now, with the forces of Lawless and the Fulbrights on the verge of open war, she has no choice but to rely on a ragtag team of outcasts, misfits, and troublemakers.

On their own, they don’t amount to much. But under M’s leadership, they might just become a force to change the world.


Buy MAYHEM – The unpredictable conclusion to the LAWLESS series.

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